How Does It Make You Feel?

by Shattered Lions

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released November 13, 2015

Artwork by Benny Demmer (Druckwelle).
Recorded and mixed by Fabian Balz in Rotterdam, NL.
Mastered at Die Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Barren Mountains
I walk through shattered lands
No one there to guide me
All alone I try to find
A way out of this hell

And so I walk with no direction
Just hoping for the best
I feel I’m getting weaker
How long will I stand this
I have to find my strength
I won’t give up now
I will find my way
No matter what it puts me through

"Move on, step by step
Don’t ever rest
You will find your way
Just try your fucking best

But how does it make you feel?
You’ve overcome mountains
And your wounds will heal
Your mind is numb and chaos rains
Keep moving on and break these chains"

And so I walk I’m on my way
Nothing can ever stop me
I move on step by step
I will never rest
And if I fail on my way
At least I tried my fucking best

"But how does it make you feel?"
Track Name: Losing Track
I can't believe how quick everything happened
Since you've passed away nothing's really changed
But where are your guiding hands
I'm lost without you

Inside my heart these old memories remain
I'm scared and I've lost my way
Now I'm all alone and there are no better days for me
It's quiet when the pain comes

Did you find peace in the hands of God?
Months passed after you were laid to rest
And still the tears are pouring down my face

Our memories are still inside of me but now they're fading away