by Kiterunner

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An excellently written EP from Mainz-based screamo/hardcore punk band Kiterunner. FFO: Touché Amoré, The Tidal Sleep etc.
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released February 10, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Solar Cycle
We used to be brave kids
with glimmering eyes we aimed for the sky
this whole world seemed so bright
to hold such various amazements

growing up that light grew dimmer
we are ever searching for just one little shimmer
for that one tiny spark
that ignites a fire
to lighten our hearts

Always feeling dizzy
just living for the day
trying to keep breathing
trying to stay sane

But even if the whole world falls around us
we keep our stoic stance
tumbling, floating, never falling
always awaiting the new morning
The rising sun of a brand new day
will wash away
yesterdays decay

These are desperate songs for desperate souls
We're not going down alone
Track Name: Fragments
Our bodies lie broken
on this harsh cold ground
covered in shattered fragments of our memories
pictures, places, sounds
It all seems so familiar
passing in front of my eyes
but we grew so distant from this life

In this colourless environment we die alone
We're released from our earthly skin
Stripped down to the bone
Our whole existence rustling in the wind

The sky seems endless
as the sun sets
and paints it in a deep dark red
I can't even keep my thoughts straight
I feel lost
as I take a last deep breath

I beg you to grab my hand,
to guide me through this misery
If you don't hold on
I fear I'll fall into eternity
Track Name: The Past In Present
A constant picture of the present never lasts
Cause we are always lost in the past
They still haven't found the cure
for a goddamn broken heart

But we're all in this together
drowning in those shallow waters
we always feel sorry for ourselves
trying to stay above the weather

So here's to all those broken hearts
to all those thoughts about fresh starts
to all those clouds above your heads
and to all those nights awake in bed

We're desperately anxious
Always lost in thoughts
Wandering all alone
Empty in our hearts

We're wasting our sweet youth
And soon it will be gone
Let's sing those songs together
'Cause we all depart from a broken home

We're all in this together
Track Name: Kirishima
Eyes filled with apathy
as I wander the city
I've come a long way
Please don't erase me

Without a destination I keep walking
Past grey skies and fading streetlights
As my mind continues to blur
Who am I?
I just don't know anymore

I dreamed of tearing you apart
So I would be the last thing on your mind forever
So I can walk past this
And finally find closure

The fear of being forgotten
is my worst enemy
To live is to constantly sin
It's a goddamn tragedy

No matter what the cause
In the end the hero always falls